Single Phase Transformer

Pole Mounted Single Phase Transformer

Mirzapur Electrical Industries Ltd. the prime manufacturer and exporter of Single Phase Transformers, which are featured with 50 Hz, oil cooled,Pole Mounted Single Phase Transformer / Platform mounted, double wound COPPER / Aluminium Wound, Step Up/ Step Down core type transformer ranging from 5 KVA to 100 KVA up to 33 KV Class. Designed with many unique features, we are offering Single Phase Transformers as per the desired customization of valued clients.

Properties :
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Oil cooled
  • Pole Mounted / Platform mounted
  • Double wound Copper / Aluminium Wound
  • Step Up/ Step Down core
  • Range : From 5 KVA to 100 KVA up to 33 KV Class
  • Capable to withstand vacuum and oil leakage tests
  • The core so formed has rectangular cross section and accordingly the LV and the HV coils also have rectangular geometry
  • Enameled copper conductor is used for the HV winding, paper cover or enameled rectangular strips are used for the low voltage windings
  • Insulation is designed to withstand the specified impulse level
  • The coils are progressively wound, the HV being wound directly on the LV coil
  • Ensures that the coils are rigid
  • Compact
  • High mechanical and dielectric strength
  • Winding ensures better short circuit withstands capability for the transformer
  • Prevents movement of conductor of the coil in the event of any short circuits on the Transformer during its operation

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